About the Author



I am a writer. These are among some of my favorite words to string together, aside from “I love my husband” or “This is my amazing son, Dean”.  I’ve been on the verge of starting a writing company for years now, in my head. While I’m definitely on that road, right now I’m just jumping back into the waters, so to speak.

A little bit about me goes as follows, you already know I’m a wife and mother of the two most inspiring men in the world (aside from my father of course). I can be described as a daddy’s girl, I have a passion for animals, romantic comedies, and the show Supernatural. I am educated to a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology, and a minor in English literature. I attribute my education in psychology for my ability to “write anything”, and without my experience in my B.S. and M.A. programs, my writing would be for the worse.

While my “Who I’ve written for” and “Published Pieces” lists remain ripe for reward, my passion and drive push on. In the mean time, I love to read. I read books, and blogs, the pamphlets on the store counter, the plaque on the city sidewalk, and whatever else I can. After all, a writer is nothing without first being a reader.

Winchester Writes is but a step toward the long awaited execution of my dreams, and because my dad also happens to be a published author, I suppose you can say it’s the family business.