inner source and pancakes

photo-1524261399568-56d8c862aaf8Photo by John Westrock on Unsplash

The mind has a fantastic and subtle ability to take over. Knowing I am not my mind, I am not my thoughts, what can I do to combat this?

Find my Source. Find true Connectedness.

Working with and being inspired by a mentor, I’ve been engaged to quiet my mind by tapping into the inner resource, the God resource. When I’m actively seeking Source, my mind becomes right sized in it’s truth, and often lack there of.

I’ve found when my mind is in a state of untruth, or a state where my thoughts are attempting to gain control, it’s usually loud. When it’s not loud, it’s usually talking really fast in a very understanding tone, like a best friend would perhaps. If my mind clamors to be “right”, to control others, to gain attention, or retribution, or OR… , well I’m sure you understand, I’m not in a state of connectedness.

In this state I’m much more likely to put myself in a position to be hurt, a position to resign responsibility, and a position to be ineffective.

With Source, I am whole. I can make decisions, respond, create, breath freely, take responsibility that is rightly mine, draw boundaries, and live effectively.

For me, Source comes most strongly in moments of calm, moments of quiet, moments in nature.

If my level of connectedness were pancakes, I’d be a half-stack!

Are you Connected? What’s your Source?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelli says:

    Love this and you 💕 thanks for the reminder … keep writing!!


  2. Mark P says:

    Remember you don’t have to be the perfect mom just Dean’s mom! LD!

    Thank You So Much God Bless! Mark Predovic, CSP, MS email: website: 760 694-6977



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