5 minute writing challenge

The house shook as the plane flew low overhead.

Mary-Ann stood up from her wooden rocking chair. She’d been sitting in the day room for hours now, wondering how life was going to change, asking herself if she was capable of handling what was to come. Her bare feet hugged the thinning rug beneath her. Her toes tingled as the blood flow began again. Taking a step towards the door, she lost her balance when the house shook as the plane flew low overhead. Grabbing the doorway kept her from falling.

“This is it…” she thought to herself. “Life as I know it is over.”

She took another step, and another, each one assisted by thought. Her hand fell upon the wooden door, and with ease she pushed it open. The wooden porch needed a new coat of paint, and several new slabs of wood. Her toes met the wood with caution as she remembered a recent splinter she received. That was the least of her worries now that the plane was landing in the field beside her house.

She could barely see the hatch open, but she saw movement and simply guessed that’s what it was. Men with confidence emptied the plane. It took almost fifteen minutes before she could make out their expressionless faces. They spread out into a line as they walked up to the porch and hesitated before the steps.

“Mary-Ann?” The man with the most confidence asked.
“We apologize for the inconvenience, but this house is now the property of the United States Military. You’re welcome to stay if you’d like, but know your life will be in danger if you do.”

Mary-Ann took a deep breath of Tennessee air “Can I fix you fellas some tea?”.


This 5 minute writing prompt challenge is courtesy of Today’s Author Write Now Prompts


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