writing worth winning!

I’ve read many times “we all have a book inside of us”, and well whether it’s a book, poem, short story, flash fiction, memoir, fiction/non, or children’s stories… we all dream to be published. Recently, I’ve searched the web trying to find strong writing journals or publications that host contests for writers. Here’s a couple I’ve found…

liquid inspiration

  Let’s enjoy some inspiration together. Happy Tuesday everyone ❤

returning shortly…

Hello! I’ve been MIA the past week; I’m sure you’ve all noticed and missed me dearly! My family and I have been in the midst of a big move and it’s been a time. yay boxes upon boxes upon laundry upon boxes!! To digress, I will be back shortly… see you all soon 🙂

a little wisdom from winnie

“Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.” Winnie-the-Pooh Sometimes I’ve found myself in the midst of looking, not for something in particular… just looking. Of course I found nothing and in certain cases I can recall feelings of emptiness.

5 minute writing challenge

The house shook as the plane flew low overhead. Mary-Ann stood up from her wooden rocking chair. She’d been sitting in the day room for hours now, wondering how life was going to change, asking herself if she was capable of handling what was to come. Her bare feet hugged the thinning rug beneath her….

getting started

“The first step is always the hardest.”  Cliche isn’t it? I’m fighting the urge to roll my eyes even though I’m writing it! It sounds like one of the things people say to respond like they’re listening, but to ultimately end the conversation like “I’m tired of hearing you complain about this… do it already,…